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Cannabis nomenclature

Cannabis isn’t cheap, it’s our mission to educate and bring value to the everyday dispensary shopping experience. Let’s talk cannabis nomenclature, the common words we have come accustomed to Indica, Sativa and hybrid only describe how a particular cannabis plant looks when it grows. We want to elevate your shopping experience and bring reason and value when choosing specific products. If you are looking for an “Indica” product then you want to look at the entire chemical makeup of the chemovar “aka strain” what are the dominate terpenes and cannabinoids present in that particular product. The COA or certificate of analysis identifies just that! Your budtender should be well versed in each products dominate terpenes and cannabinoid content. Indica products should be high in myrcene, linalool or beta-Caryophyllene. Dominate cannabinoids should be THC and CBN! All of these terpenes and cannabinoids work synergistically in what is called the “entourage effect” to induce rest, relaxation and a calming feeling to ease you into sleep

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