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Terpene Tuesday- Limonene

Updated: May 9, 2023

Let’s elevate our cannabis shopping experience! Science shows that THC isn’t the only compound found in cannabis that creates a desired effect for the cannabis user!! It’s terpenes and the cannabinoids. As we start to educate ourselves, we learn the words sativa and indica only indicate what the plant looks like when it grows not the desired effects it will produce. Looking for that day time brain 🧠stimulating chemovar? Limonene’s therapeutic benefits are some of my favorite, its a mood elevator, stress reliever and antimicrobial. Limonene is one of the most studied monoterpenes, there is substantial evidence in the literature of this terpenes medical potential. It has been studied and shown efficacy for relif from heart burn & GERD, it exhibits both chemotherapeutic and chemo preventive effects in human breast tissue, potential anti fungal effects against athletes foot and offers potential for a powerful weapon against microbial infection. Pro tip: want to elevate your mood, find stress relif and have a day time session ask your bud tender for chemovars high Limonene! Pro tip #2 It should be noted that this terpene can cause allergies in many people. Reference: The big book of terps by Ross Hudson


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